What makes Doiron Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation unique?

At Doiron Chiropractic we believe that life is an athletic event and what makes you athletic makes you healthier and less prone to injury. We work with a wide range of age groups and athletic abilities from grade school to college athletes to seniors. Some of our patients want to run marathons without knee pain others simply want to make it up the stairs safely or pick up their grandchildren with ease.  Because we work with a broad range of ages and abilities we take extra time to individualize our treatments based on our patient’s needs and goals. Our doctors pride themselves on having a deep-rooted understanding of biomechanics and keeping up-to-date on the latest in neuromusculoskeletal diagnosis, treatment and performance related literature. This allows us to efficiently identify and treat your condition while getting you back to the activities you love pain free. We utilize a wide range of techniques including soft tissue, therapeutic exercise and of course chiropractic adjustments.

What does a first visit look like?

When you arrive, our office manager Courtney will greet you and collect any pertinent information regarding your patient profile and insurance information. She will have you fill out our intake forms. (These forms may be emailed to you to be printed and filled out at home. If your unable to fill them out ahead of time please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to complete the intake forms in office.) Courtney will review some office policies and will answer any questions about our office, scheduling, billing, insurance, etc.

On this first visit we do a one-on-one consultation with the doctor followed by a comprehensive examination that will help us identify any damaged tissues and dysfunctions causing pain or tissue damage that will ultimately dictate your treatment. We will discuss our findings and what your options for treatment are. Depending on what we find we will move forward with treatment, send for further testing (lab testing, diagnostic imaging) or refer you to another appropriate health care professional. The initial visit including consultation and examination usually lasts around 60 minutes.

What does sports rehabilitation have to do with chiropractic?

Our doctors both have backgrounds working with athletic populations and specialize in techniques allowing them to integrate chiropractic adjustments with soft tissue and therapeutic exercises. A large part of our approach involves looking at functional movement patterns and identifying compensations being caused by or resulting in injury. With these tools, we can address chronic repetitive motion injuries and rehabilitate acute injuries.

Do you take my insurance?

How much will this cost?

The cost for chiropractic care is variable and based on a number of factors including if you will be using insurance or paying out of pocket.  We are in-network with most major insurance companies. As a part of your first visit we will contact your insurance company to determine your current benefits and coverage. With this information and your proposed treatment options we can let you know an estimation of your projected costs of care. Please understand that insurance companies do not guarantee benefits and coverage information they provide us over the phone. We encourage you to follow-up with your insurance company to confirm the information they provide to us. We will answer any questions you may have about costs and will work with you to develop any necessary payment plans. Nobody likes surprises when it comes to medical costs!