Our Mission


To provide Southern Maine with efficient, patient centered, conservative, movement based solutions for neuromusculoskeletal conditions with individualized assessments, treatments and education in an engaging, modern and friendly atmosphere.


Efficient. At Doiron Chiropractic we believe that efficient care starts with two things. Understanding the problem and understanding the goals of you the patient. Because of this, we are committed to a thorough interview and examination process to identify the most effective and precise treatment approach for each patient.  This is followed up with constant clinical auditing of your response to care so the treatment can be adapted and advanced at a pace that fits you individually.

Patient Centered. At Doiron Chiropractic we understand that we treat people, not conditions. In this light, we explore each patient’s expectations and goals for what their care is going to achieve for them. Care plans are not then designed around the process but around the outcome and goals set forth by the you and your doctor together. When the patient and physician know what the goal is, they can align their efforts more effectively to get the desired outcome. 


Conservative. Chiropractic in nature is a very simple eloquent solution that recognizes that our body was designed for movement and when joints, muscles and nervous systems work well together, our body can naturally monitor and heal itself. Simply, movement is medicine. Improper movement places abnormal forces on our bodies that slowly wears us down and can eventually lead to injury or pathology. Based on this principle, our treatments do not involve disrupting your body’s natural physiology with drugs or disrupting its structure with surgery. Further, it is our belief that invasive treatments should not take place until a conservative trial of care has been completed and shown to be ineffective. 

Movement Based Solutions. It has been shown by many studies that movement through exercise is one of the best things for our bodies, hence movement is medicine. However, when pain or pathology arises it is usually in direct relation to compensations due to poor movement or even a lack of capacity for movement. These principles guide us to not only use passive treatment (spinal manipulations, soft tissue treatments, therapeutic modalities) but to include therapeutic exercises that improve your quality and capacity of movement. Movement based therapies are chosen for you based on their effectiveness in resolving your pain, pathology and improving functional ability based on your goals.

Individualized Our treatments are guided by the fact that you are an individual with individual needs and goals based on your age, fitness level, pathology and even previous chiropractic or other treatment experiences. With all this in mind, we take time to get to know you as a person so that we can accommodate you to the best of our ability allowing you to focus on getting better.

Engaging. Our office, examination and treatments are designed to engage you not only in the process of your care but in knowledge of how your body works and how it stays healthy. Our hope is that we provide a spark of interest in solutions for problems or conditions you may have as well as habits and behaviors that will assist you in being healthy throughout your life.


Modern.  Our doctors strive to keep up-to-date with research regarding examinations and treatments that are effective and safe. Thus, ensuring you receive the latest and greatest in care and education about your condition getting you better faster.

Friendly. Our goal is to have an environment and experience where you feel confident sending your mom or your kids to our office. With that in mind we have put together a team of people who genuinely enjoy the work they do at Doiron Chiropractic making it easy for us to greet you with a smile brightening your day.

The goal of training is not to change how the body looks, but to improve how the body moves
— Gray Cook